Race Jitterbug

Going to be a  pretty busy next couple of weeks. Tomorrow morning is my first race of the season the “fastest growing race in the Midwest”, Rock the Parkway Half Marathon. There was a controversial decision made last year to drop the 10K component of the race so there are only two races tomorrow, Half Mara and 5K. Half Mara has been capped at 4,500 runners and 5K at 2,500. I think there were a few hundred charitable spots open too and some invitationals so somewhere around 7,000 runners, it should be a good time.

Getting the pre-race jitters a bit, due to the fact I don’t feel like I’ve trained quite enough to be fast and the mounting pressure because I found out that this may will be my only shot at setting a time to make the Corporate Challenge team. The field is a bit more competitive for the half marathon than the 5K in the Corporate Challenge as companies can only send two men and two women in each 10 year age group instead of 5 year age group as in other competitions. Blah.

My strategy? Lots of water, and trying to stick with a fast pacer. I’ve been training by myself for a long time so I kind of prided myself on not using a pace team during the race.* But we’ll see, there are a lot of pace teams tomorrow in 5 minute finish time increments. Will be interested to try to stick to one of them and see how it goes.

*Or music. And depending on the weather that may change tomorrow as well. If it looks like the rain will stay away, I might pull out the iPod and listen to something.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know the results soon enough!