Marathon Wrap-up

Sorry for not sitting down and writing a post for the last couple of weeks. A little bit of a crazy time with the marathon and my older sister’s wedding here in town. Will try to be more on top of it as the semester passes into the final month or so.


The Kansas City Marathon was held October 15th and I was fortunate enough to have my parents in attendance for some of the race to get some pretty good photos/film footage. The race had approximately 11,ooo total entrants in all events (5K, Half-Marathon, Marathon, Marathon Relay, Kids Marathon) which solidifies this race as among the fastest growing in the nation.

I got some assorted photos/videos from various sources and cameras. I had to resort to my phone camera for a little bit so I apologize for the randomly poor quality (especially the sound, yikes) but hopefully as I get a little more experience, I can provide a bit better quality.

As I said during the video, I finished the marathon in under four hours, making my goal! I did have to walk a bit towards the end because my legs were really, really sore. Overall I walked probably about two miles of the 26, which isn’t too shabby but hopefully will get better as my running career goes forward. I do walk through water stations, cause I find I don’t get as much water if I’m jogging through. The weather was absolutely perfect throughout the day, starting temperature somewhere in the lower 50s and didn’t get much over 60 degrees by then end of it. Here my official splits as timed by the good people at Ultramax who were running the chips for this event.

Bib:                           1239
Division: Male      18-24
Division Place:     28/62
Overall:                 352/1553
5K:                         27:08
10K:                      50:01
13.1:                   1:46:52
21Mile:              2:59:46
Overall:             3:52:40

Overall pace was 8:53 per mile. But the observant eye will see that I took nearly an hour to run the last five miles of the race. As a comparison, the race winner, Jae Yung Hyung, averaged 5:41 per mile and finished in under 2 1/2 hours. I don’t think I’m ever getting to that level, but I felt really good about my races this year and this kind of crowning achievement to end the season. There is room for improvement (as always) and in the next few weeks I’ll start gearing back up for next year.

Until then, I’ve been eating a lot of terrible food and not exercising much at all. Neither will help the results of my upcoming routine blood work, but oh well, I got to eat a Kobe burger!

Burger & Sweet Potato Fries

I’d also like to say a quick congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Bruhn. I wish you both the best in the years ahead and look forward to seeing you soon. Good luck in all your marital adventures!