Glad to announce that I am going to try my hand this month at the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Challenge! The challenge is to pen a manuscript over the course of November. Though I’m going to take it a bit differently than what is generally prescribed on the website.  My goal is to try and write in the novel or on the blog somewhere around 1,000 words a day.

I think I write pretty well, but as with anything, I wonder how much better I can be if I actually practiced on a more consistent basis. Over the last couple of days I’ve gone back and looked at some of the things that I have managed to save. This includes old blogs, short stories, even some emails that I thought were pretty good. Most of it is not good. Well at the time I thought I was writing something significant but looking back, not so significant at all. But in a way that was good. Kind of an unintentional journal lets me put into a better perspective what was going on at the time. And looking at the current number of subscribers and hits on this blog, it appears I am doing the same thing now. Just a chronicle. (Which is an awesome title for a novel…)


Quick update on things:

Finished my last road big road race for the year which was the KC Half Marathon. The race went pretty well. 1:53 According to my profile on Athlinks, I’m averaging 1:49 Half-Maras. So that is pretty much right on track. Weather on the morning was a little chilly but it was beautiful right at the start. Nothing too big to report regarding the race, I just felt pretty strong most of the race, tried not to freak out too much, (didn’t want to get over 2 hours), just pace myself through. If I’m doing another run this year it might be a Thanksgiving 5K.

Trying to sort out the calendar for next year. Talking to a couple of people and maybe its time to plan a couple of races outside the area. See if there is races in St. Louis or Chicago or even some of the fun looking races in California. But obviously time and money constraints will apply.  I am also tentatively aiming at the Half Ironman in Lawrence scheduled for June 9, 2013!!!*

*So many french fries will be consumed if that is accomplished. Look forward to a post on potatoes. 

I started my second quarter classes recently. Got an A on my Managerial Communications class. Yay. This quarter I’m taking Competitive Analysis (Econ) and Strategic Marketing (Marketing). Both classes are going pretty well so far. It is interesting talking in my econ class about utility and opportunity when I’m imagining all the other things I might be doing with my time. It is probably worth it though.** The professors seem to be genuinely very interested in the material which makes those 3 hour classes go by a little bit faster. Another thing to consider for next year is how fast I want to have this degree completed.

**Graduate level degrees, especially in business, seem to be the new bachelor’s degree. Unfortunate and adding to the “education bubble” crisis which looms in the horizon.


Going to leave this last section to brainstorm topics to write about that are not already on my growing list of topics. Most will be rather short but I do encourage people to adjust their email subscription settings. This next month is going to be pretty annoying for you if you have it set to immediate or daily reminders. You have been warned.

Brainpower!/PartyArty/Apple and Case Study/Fantasy/MLS/Youtubes and Content Creators/Elections/Streaming Music


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