Link Collection (Blurbs?)

As I have mentioned before,(and will likely mention many times in the future), there is far too much information out there on the internet. And terabytes of info being created and uploaded every day. So while I may see some article or some news story that really catches my eye and want to write about it, let’s be frank, someone else has probably written about it already, made a video, even parodied it before I’ll get a chance to put in my two cents. So generally those fall to the wayside.

But I’ve decided to be a bit more proactive and go ahead and share some stories and things that I found interesting, pass you the link, and maybe there is something that you, dear reader, will get out of it. I think I can make this a regular addition, but we’ll have to see. Every blog of note it seems has a link collection, remember what I told you about media mavens? This is kind of the same idea. Only with things that I find interesting.

You’ve been warned.


BBC: “Is the social web divided by race?” –

I think a fascinating short clip showing some of the recent numbers released regarding race on a couple of the major social networking sites; Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. I think it is kind of inevitable that these lines are drawn but at the same time, there is a note that “Web 2.0” is about hanging out with people you already know. I haven’t noticed a disparity in the social sites I use but I would wager that is because I don’t tend to stray outside of the people I kind of know already.


Kotaku: “The Difference Between a Good Video Game and a Bad One” –
Source Fed News 

As a side note, I think SourceFed is a terrific YouTube Channel. Simple concept, 5 news stories a day under 20 minutes total. Not all news but interesting bits as well as some important things that occur. Run out of the “For Human Peoples” Office with Sxephil, SourceFed is quick and clever and most importantly, makes the viewer feel a little smarter afterwards. Or maybe that is just me.

The article itself is a great read to any video game player and I think it is a good hypothesis to what makes a game good or bad.


GamesIndustry International: “Sony has ‘fallen blindly in love with its brand’ says marketing expert” 

Just a quick article with an opinion to as why Sony has not turned a profit in awhile. From a marketing perspective, I see a company that has really tried to cement itself in all sorts of consumer electronics. While it is pretty important from a business perspective to control your suppliers and production and also utilize a strong brand name, I do see Sony stretching a bit thin in places. Have they fallen in love with their own brand or has a rapidly evolving market filled with imitators and spin-offs forced the hand of a major organization?



Let me know if you like this kind of post and I’ll try to include more of them. Hope you all have a great week!


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