An Ad that I Love Vol. 3

So this commercial has been out for awhile but I really let the racing posts take over for a bit. I, like many other boys in my generation, grew up playing videogames and this commercial is great fan service to all video game players. Those who have been around are familiar with a lot of the faces in the room, Solid Snake (Metal Gear), Kratos (God of War), Chell (Portal) and many more. But what I love about this ad is the concept; What do these characters do in their off time and how would they interact? And at the end when they all give praise to the seemingly all powerful “Michael” gives every player a feeling of accomplishment I think.

Personally, I didn’t think of the video game achievements that I had done as a whole. They don’t mean a thing IRL (in real life) but a lot of games don’t. The feeling when you get immersed into these grand worlds with their fantastical stories and characters is akin to reading a really great book, except you are part of the action, you can control what happens in a particular world and that is awesome.

The people over at Sony really made a gem with this one. I really couldn’t tell you if there was a sharp increase in sales for the Playstation 3 but the English target is pretty clear. The Nintendo Wii has outstripped the other two consoles (Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation3) in sales since the beginning of this console generation with Sony placing a short second and Microsoft sitting third. Sony has a lot of advertising to try to capture more of the lucrative US video game market who seem to prefer Microsoft’s console. We’ll have to check back and see how holiday sales totals look in January.


If you have a great Ad, send it along! I love to see clever or creative ads and I might use it as a topic on a future “Ads I Love”.


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