Race Weekend Review Part 2: NEMO Triathlon

My computer has been offline for a couple of days so I haven’t had a real chance to put this post up. I also ran a race this past weekend, the inaugural Cerner 15K race. It was fantastic race at the Livestrong Sporting Stadium and I have more footage from there, though it highlighted major need for a partner in some capacity to get some better shots and things. The following is the recap of the Northeast Missouri Triathlon 2011 which was held on September 11, 2011.

A quick thanks again to Nathan, who was around all that weekend and let me crash with him in Kirksville before the race. I was getting a bit obnoxious about the filming and such, so wanted to take a second and give props where they are due. These races, while truly demonstrating a real personal accomplishment and represents a tangible, achievable goal, the social aspect is what makes racing special. When you know your friends are on the course, it makes it all the more fun. Racers are very encouraging throughout events and they are definitely helping push you forward.

The two pictures following the video is a look at how I set up my transitions. For the uninitiated, triathlons are three events, swimming, then biking, and finally running. (Distances vary by race.*) Races are typically set up to loop around to one large transition area where all the racers keep their stuff sorted by race numbers. Transition 1 (T1) is between the swim and bike and Transition 2 (T2) is from bike to run. For amateurs like myself, the time spent in transition is pretty negligible due to the inefficiencies during the actual events. For professionals, however, every second in transition counts and there are various methods to fly through transitions with minimal stoppages.

*There are standardized distances (in kilometers) but some races differ, such as the NEMO Triathlon, a comparatively small race. The major distances to know:
Sprint: Swim-750m (.47mi) Bike-20km (12.4 mi) Run-5km (3.1mi)
Olympic: Swim-1.5km (.93mi) Bike-40km (24.8mi) Run-10km (6.2mi)
Ironman: Swim-3.86km (2.4mi) Bike-180km (112mi) Run-42.2km (26.2mi)

NEMO Triathlon: Swim-.75 miles Bike-18 mi Run-5 mi

The Start



Okay, here is the start of some truly fantastic video made by my very good friend Matt, who was volunteering at the race even though it was his birthday the next day. Despite this, he still was able to get some great video for me so I could post it up on the blog and he was gracious enough to let me sleep on his couch the night before the half marathon. Super huge thanks to “Wizzle” for the video.


*Special note, make sure the annotations are enabled on the video, it will show in bottom right corner of the video screen.

You can see my T1 here, grabbing some food, struggling with putting on a shirt and having delusions that my swim time was better than last year (it was fast by a few seconds only). You can also see me clipping into my bike after running it out of the transition area.

The Run

Got a quick clip when Matt was manning his water station, still had time to catch me very tired after completing the bike portion and about a mile into the five mile run.


Wrap up

I didn’t get any shots at the end of the race because I was tired and I was waiting to watch some of my friends come in. Congrats to Nathan, Tom, Carrie, and Holly! I got a great stretch from the volunteers from ATSU*. Lots of water, food, and a beer or two later, I did make a wrap up video.

*(Fun fact, osteopathy was created by Andrew Taylor Still, a doctor from Missouri, in 1874. He went on to found a medical university to teach osteopathic treatments in Kirksville, MO. Andrew Taylor Still University (ATSU))

Hopefully will get everything fixed soon so I can bring you all some more regular posts. Be on the lookout for the Cerner 15K videos very soon.


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