Race Weekend Review Part 1: Half-Marathon

So it took me awhile to get everything sorted out with the videos and whatnot. I decided to break the review of last weekend into two parts. This first section is about the Roots N Blues N BBQ Half Marathon in Columbia, MO.

Pre-Race Dinner:

Race Morning:



In the end I did pretty well. The part of the course that was on trails was not the kind of trails I was expecting. Instead of dirt, twigs, and the danger of poison ivy with every step, I got gravel. Tons and tons of gravel. I do my running with Vibram Five Finger shoes (Sprint style) and I felt every piece of gravel I landed on. For miles. It was terribly unpleasant, but in the end I set a new PR for the Half-Marathon at 1:44:42, placing 65th of 260 male runners. I was going to slow it down to about 2 hours but I got a little overexcited with all the people around. It was a very nice race, lots of people around and when you came around downtown there were stands set up with all sorts of food all over the place, smokers full of BBQ were cooking even as I arrived to the race. I had a nice time, and I would definitely do it all over again if it was farther away from the NEMO Triathlon.

A special congrats to Dave Lackie and Ian Schamburg on completing their first half-marathons!


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