I’ve mentioned before how much I like woot! shirts (Link below) which is the sister site to Woot! a one deal a day site. I’m not 100% sure, but I think Woot! was among the first, if not the first site to make the “deal a day” system really work. They were bought out by Amazon.com just a couple of years ago for some undisclosed fee and still run deals every day. One of the neat things that they have started doing is producing some creative content in order to draw more of an audience and perhaps show off a bit more of their witty humor. The following is part of a series of videos about a over literal beetle and is perhaps one of the best ones that they have produced:

Not quite an “Ad I Love” but still very engaging. As we discussed previously about online and direct marketing, having a regular amount of content, creative, funny, or informative is “super effective” for companies, especially online ones. It helps create a real feel for the company, what the people work there are like, what the leadership is like, how the consumer feels about the culture. Like for instance, Wal-Mart is super cost effective but ask a regular Joe on the street and he would be inclined to believe it is a large, mostly evil corporation (not unlike McDonalds). Compare that to what you would imagine Starbucks is or Toys R Us or Target. Part of perception has to do with industry, sure. But how the companies appeal to the public is also very important and I would imagine more important than ever now in the age of transparency and free flowing information.

I got a bit off-topic. It boils down to the fact that I really enjoy people and companies really making an effort to produce regular, creative content to appeal to more consumers and affect their “image” in the minds of the consumers.

Woot! Shirts


A big weekend coming up for the Northeast Missouri (NEMO) Triathlon! It will be my last triathlon of the year and I’m looking forward to creating some terrific content for you all (namely video). Look forward to that next week sometime when I get around to editing. Wish me luck!


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