New Semester

A great article today in the Kansas City Star about some proposed changes in state level taxation, namely moving away from income tax and raising the sales tax. It covers both sides pretty well and as it is with most articles, a hefty amount of partisan research is provided by experts from each side. It will be interesting to see if this indeed ends up on the ballots in 2012 for Missouri and Kansas.

Swap Income Tax for Sales Tax


In unrelated news, I begin classes tomorrow morning. I will be taking 9 credit hours providing that the AP Physics score I received is accepted by the university. Transfers are overly complicated and it makes you wonder if there will ever be an outcry for strict national or international standards for both the public and private universities. (Maybe that is something to look into).  Below is my class schedule:

ENT 460-Creating the Enterprise
MGT 301- Effective Business Communication
MGT 471- Strategic Management

I hear that strategic management is a difficult class and I’m really looking forward to learning a thing or two about entrepreneurship (a business field for which I am dreadfully uninformed). Looking forward to returning to classes and getting the degree!


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