Patented Shilling

Okay, just a couple of quick things. I’ll be finishing my summer marketing course here in the upcoming week and will get a few weeks off to rest before returning to (hopefully) finish out the degree this fall. That being said, you can probably expect some more content to come as I’ll have more free time. However, I do have some pressing things to get to (namely Dragon Age, Bioshock 2, and Oblivion 5th Anniversary ed.), not to mention attempting to train up for some races in a couple of months. Here’s a couple of topics I should hope to cover:

The Business of Endurance Races
Tipping Your Service person
Proper Work Behavior/Etiquette
Role Playing Games-What Role They Play

Probably not in that order and likely there will be some event I will want to cover too.


This is the part where I ask you to do/check out things:

I am a chiver. theChive
Team KATG for your ipod/mp3 players/sitting in front of a computer
Will be sending out a survey link soon for UMKC, please take it.
I’m a habitual Woot fan.
I also am a big fan of the collegehumor sites, especially Dorkly.


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