An Ad that I Love Vol. 2

A classic ad playing on that always divisive topic of language. This ad is definitely targeted towards a more western crowd (Europe and North America) which is a fine area due to the general allocation of global wealth and level of education. The name and service are predominately featured at the end of the clip played in time to a familiar song which is shown to improve brand memory (think jingles). Furthermore, the sketch is short enough to enjoy multiple times and easy enough to share, it seems to be targeted at a university or older audience.

Now this video was posted in 2006, I believe the ad itself ran a couple of years prior along with a number of other ads for language proficiency.  The company itself (Berlitz) has done rather well since its inception and is known as the innovators of the sort of “classroom immersion” that has gained popularity in language instruction around the world. This style of teaching focuses not on the grammar translation style most people find in secondary or tertiary education but rather complete studies in the foreign language given that the students will work out the grammar and subjects in conversation without being able to readily identify or explain what they are (which is more akin to native speakers of a variety of languages). Berlitz Also, the company has a rather rich tradition in educating international business folks. This ad would be in line for that particular market: short and to the point, directed at an older crowd, funny and easy to remember, and addressing a very real need for that industry.


On an unrelated note, if you subscribed to help me out for my class contest, it is over and you can cancel anytime. However, if you like some of the things I’m writing about or you enjoy some of the things that I share, please share my blog to your friends/coworkers/friendly, yet disinterested in pursuing a relationship unless you get a real job and move out of your parent’s basement, former romantic interests, it might be a fun and it would help me hone my craft a bit.


Bonus Berlitz Language Videos!





Remember, if you have an Ad that you love that you think others would love too, leave the link in the comments and I’ll post it up on the next “Ad’s That I Love”


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