Thanks! With the help of all my subscribers, I was among the top 5 in subscriptions for the class! YAY!

Let’s talk briefly about teaching internet presence on a collegiate level. The assignment in this class was to create and utilize a number of different social media/networking platforms in order to create a sort of identity/following. It was rightly explained that the world of business is at such a point, having a strong internet presence and the ability to use the tools available is very important in transitioning from students to working professionals.  Also, establishing some personal content will give potential employers something to look at, something like a portfolio of some of your work.

*For this class, the sample time was so small, the “contest” was essentially a popularity contest, which I detest. I plead for a contest including examination of content, but that was not to be in this situation. In any case, I pass so that’s awesome.

I love the idea, especially altering the idea for multiple age groups. Let’s say we are teaching grade school children how to get on the internet, middle school children about internet safety/research, high schoolers learn about privacy, decency, and content creation. Then let’s teach university students how to maximize presence, utilizing all the previous tools to be a functioning member of the internet community. Or something like that, I’m not a teacher, I just like the idea.

So thanks again subscribers! Keep an eye out for a video coming sometime soon. I’ll be posting later on this week about waiting tables! Get excited!


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