One Last Subscriber Push! Get Me to 90!

It is crunch time for subscribers! So I’m offering this one of a kind awesome deal: I will buy a pair of heels, run a mile and wear them in to class If I get into the top 5 subscribers in my class. The number is somewhere around 50 and currently I’m around 40 something (Edit: 45). The “Magic” Number I figure with the rest of the class making some strides forward is 90. Double the amount of subscribers I have and I will post a video of me running a mile in some sweet size 12 (women’s of course) heels. No Joke. And those of you that are in the know, understand my commitment to drag.

So tell all your friends, family, co-workers, even those people you don’t like so much. Put your email in that handy box and click on the Zombies link. Confirm your email and get me to 90!

Go Time


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