An Ad That I Love Vol. 1

Wanted to start a new series on the online ads that I love. Mainly because I am on the internet a lot and tend to see a lot of advertisements, it is not out of the realm of possibility that those ads are applicable to the theme of this blog. So the first one is a Japanese ad that is definitely not targeted towards a US audience, given the Japanese text and title. In that way, it really does not work in communicating the product or really the brand. I don’t believe this is a Sanrio production but because Hello Kitty is a pop culture icon in Japan, she is a popular figure in ads around the world.

I think this ads succeeds because of the humor that is injected using an established pop culture figure doing something rather unexpected. An appropriately short length and a rather bold color scheme also helps to distinguish this ad from others around. Now, for all I know, this is an advertisement for a variety of terribly illegal drugs but it does capture and hold attention finally to deliver the message at the end.


I hope to include more ads in the future, but please leave a comment about Ads that you love and I’ll pick out ones that I can analyze and add them here.


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